YajHFC 0.5.2 released

I am pleased to announce that version 0.5.2 of YajHFC has been released today.

The available files with download links can be found at http://www.yajhfc.de/downloads/current-version

New features/changes:

  • Added PDF plugin for more advanced PDF support: PDF cover pages, Conversion TIFF→PDF without external utilities and text extraction from PDFs.
  • Custom sort order for phone books
  • Custom display styles for phone books
  • Named pipe printer support for Win32
  • Support to extract recipients from documents
  • Different behaviour for resend fax and multi select (send window opened individually for each selected fax)
  • Some code cleanup, minor enhancements and bug fixes

If you have any questions and/or feedback about the new release, please write to the yajhfc-user mailing list or to support@yajhfc.de