MS Outlook plugin

Some time ago I built a plugin to make MS Outlook contacts available as a phone book in YajHFC for a customer.

So far it only has been tested with Outlook 2007 and is not officially supported (since I do not have the resources to continually support new Outlook versions).

If you want to try it anyway, you can get it at:

Quick start:

  • Install it using the setup-outlookplugin.exe (you can ignore the warning because of the non-matching YajHFC version)
  • You now should have a new menu entry Add to list → Microsoft Outlook Contacts in the phone book dialog
  • If you click that menu entry, you should get a dialog that allows you to select the desired contacts folder with a double click.
  • When you access contacts, Outlook will show a security warning. The warning window is often opened in the background, which causes YajHFC to apparently "hang". You will have to allow the access for the plugin to work, of course.