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This section contains miscellaneous information about YajHFC not included in the FAQ or other documentation.

If you did not find the answer you were looking for here, please also see the FAQ and the yajhfc-user mailing list archive.

In some circumstances, you might experience the following problem:

  • Loggging into the HylaFAX server works
  • The Test connection button in the Options dialog shows a successful connection
  • But when you try to connect to the server in the YajHFC main window, you will get an error similar to:
    yajhfc.model.servconn.hylafax.HylaFaxListConnection$StatusRefresher run
    WARNING: Socket Error refreshing the status, logging out. Connection timed out: connect
      at Method)
    Other possible errors are Network unreachable or Connection refused.

In the GNOME 3 gnome-shell currently the YajHFC tray icon is not displayed. This can lead to YajHFC "disappearing" when you close or minimize the main window.

The reason is a bug in current Java implementations, see for details.

Until this is fixed in newer Java versions, currently the only known "workaround" is to disable the tray icon in YajHFC (uncheck the Display Tray icon option under OptionsGeneral).

When trying to open or preview a fax on Windows you may get an error message similar to the following one: Failed to open file:/C:/Temp/user/fax1607260423703060917.tiff. Error message: Access is denied.

        at Source)
        at Source)
        at Source)

For this article to apply the first line of the stack trace must always contains a line referring to
The text after Error message may be different, however (for example "A device attached to the system is not functioning.")


Generally any Java 5, 6 and 7 should work.
Due to additional features available, using Java 6 or heigher is recommended (also Java 5 support may be dropped some time in the future).

yajhfc-console only supports Java 6 or heigher.


YajHFC is usually tested against the JRE from Oracle for Windows (32 and 64 bit; newest version available at the time of release) and against OpenJDK for Linux (Debian; 64-bit). For Mac OS X, both the Apple and Oracle versions of Java are supported.

Other implementations (such as GCJ) may or may not work. If you use something other than the "official" Oracle JRE or OpenJDK and some feature does not work (correctly), please first try if it works if you use one of those implementations before reporting a bug (if possible).
Anyway, if you have made positive or negative experiences with other Java implementations, please let me know.

Especially with Windows 10 and Oracle Java 1.8 you might notice that the main window is suddenly almost completely white or black and you need to restart YajHFC to get it working again.

Usually this looks like this:
White window

This seems to be a bug in Java with the Windows native "look and feel".
To work around this issue, set Options → General → Look&Feel to "Metal" or "Nimbus".

See also YajHFC issue #47.

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