Supported Java versions


Generally any Java 5, 6 and 7 should work.
Due to additional features available, using Java 6 or heigher is recommended (also Java 5 support may be dropped some time in the future).

yajhfc-console only supports Java 6 or heigher.


YajHFC is usually tested against the JRE from Oracle for Windows (32 and 64 bit; newest version available at the time of release) and against OpenJDK for Linux (Debian; 64-bit). For Mac OS X, both the Apple and Oracle versions of Java are supported.

Other implementations (such as GCJ) may or may not work. If you use something other than the "official" Oracle JRE or OpenJDK and some feature does not work (correctly), please first try if it works if you use one of those implementations before reporting a bug (if possible).
Anyway, if you have made positive or negative experiences with other Java implementations, please let me know.